aurat march

This Man Has Nailed It, “Why We Don’t Need Aurat March” And It Is So Accurate!

On March 8th 2018, thousands of women in Pakistan came out and marched for accountability for violence against women, and support for women who experience injustice and harassment at the hands of security forces, in public spaces, at home, and at the workplace. It started out in Lahore and Karachi by a women’s collective called Hum Aurat’tein (We the Women). Later On, the rally was called ”Aurat March.” It was available to all and no association or society attempted to possess it.

It voices the struggles of all the girls whosoever are depleted because of male centric blockades. A large number of young girls and ladies turned out and walked with numerous others to crush the male centric standards and request a balanced society for all. They record petitions against it, issue dangers to the members and undermine the purpose of the March itself.

So, last night an instagrammer whose name is “Adeel Afzal” posted a video regarding the coming “Aurat March” on 8th of March and said “Why this generation doesn’t need anything like “Aurat March and people praising for his beautiful words.” Here’s a video he shared last night on his instgram account.

He started off by saying, “How amazing, peaceful this society is. This is not a Europe.”Narrative That Matters

While talking about the Aurat March, he challenges all the stereotypes set by our general public

He likewise takes burrows at the “obligations” that ladies should do. In addition, he continues including all the stuff that undermines ladies consistently. From the pain of having a young girl child to the “rishta catwalks,”  he makes reference to all the constrained standards.

aurat march

He at that point proceeds to ask – for what reason do ladies at any point need to get out? What is out there at any rate? Harassers, abusers, sick people, and blackmailers, injustice? In the event that ladies figure they can support equivalent rights, who precisely is tuning in? Individuals stay insensitive toward all the shameful acts occurring in our general public – they could never confront reality.

aurat march

See how people are reacting to his video on his official Instagram page

aurat march

aurat march

aurat march

So, what do you think of this video of kasae.darvaish? Is it enough or do we still need “Aurat March.” Let us know in the comment box. 🙂



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