Why The Word “Family” Really Sucks If You Are A Pakistani Guy.

There are a lot of things about Pakistan that are only exist in Pakistan and only a Pakistani can understand. Many people have their own interpretations to a lot of terms that are general in nature but they define them in their own way. Here we are gonna discuss such a term which is very general in nature but we Pakistanis have our own interpretation for it.

The word is “Family”. If you are a Pakistani guy then you must have encountered this word on many occasions and we know it really sucks. Either, you are being stopped entering in a shopping mall or you’re not allowed to go to a food festival, the magical word “Family” comes into play.

We Pakistanis have our own definition for the word ‘family’ and that is if you are with a female, you are with your family… How cool han? Told you how we have defined words in our own way. We have examples from recent past when a shopping mall in Islamabad imposed an entry fees on males to enter into the mall, isn’t it a joke? Here are some common occasions where you need to go with your so called ‘family’ otherwise, Tamasha ho jayega guys!

1. Shopping Malls:

Guys! if you are single then I’m sorry there’s no way for you to enter a shopping mall on weekends (exceptions are there). You really need to have a larki to be considered as family lol…. Even if you are brothers or if you are with your father or any male relative, you’re not a family meri jaan. So, next time you go into any shopping mall on weekends, make sure you are with your ‘family’ :p

2. Food Festivals:

Well, here the scene is little different, you cannot even buy the tickets if you are not with your ‘family’. I would like to share my experience here as well, I went to a food festival earlier this year and there I came to know that, to be considered as a family, I must have a girl with me and things got escalated there. But, luckily a friend of mine was there too and she let me in. So, guys make sure you are with your family while you go to such food festivals.

3. Exhibitions:

In case of exhibitions, you may not face a hard and fast restriction of being with family but still there are a number of events I remember where I had to face this. End of the discussion is, try to be with your family to avoid any Tamasha at the entry.

4. Cinemas:

Certain cinemas on weekends don’t allow male individuals to enter, I mean what’s the logic behind it? Why do I need to be with my family to watch a movie? There’s a lot of talk these days in support of feminism but when we will raise voice against this gender based marginalization?

I know many of you will agree with the points I made above as you must have encountered such situations at least for once in your life. The reason I am writing this long article on this is, things like this must be discouraged. There must be freedom of movement for every individual regardless of their gender.

One more interesting things is, a single girl can go anywhere without being asked about her family. We want Do Nahi, Aik Pakistan… If a single girl can go at any of the above places, why not a single guy? I know I am making a good point, Thanks lol.

If I missed out on anything, comment below your experiences and let’s put an end to this.


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