The Gathering

The Newly Opened Cafe ‘The Gathering’ in Lahore Offering Bumper Activity This Week And Guys It Was All Jam Packed Yesterday.

When it comes to food, Lahore never disappoints you, the city literally has food in the air. And the best part is, the city offers a variety of foods. From Desi to Italian, continental to Chinese or even Fast Food, you’ll get everything that goes with your mood. On Saturday, we explored a really good cafe ‘The Gathering’ in Johar Town Lahore on request of a friend and tbh it was one hell of an experience.

Thanks to the forums like Eat Sleep Repeat  and Foddies & Friends that food has become everyday talk where people come up with new food innovations, ideas, food based reviews and suggestions.

We got a chance to visit a newly opened restaurant ‘The Gathering’ in Johar Town Lahore and it was worth a visit. Although, the restaurant does not offer a wide and spacious seating but it’s ambiance is too good and involves art if you got an artistic eye.

The restaurant offers literally everything you crave for, from burgers to steaks, pizzas to sandwiches, pastas to Chinese. And yes how can we forget, they offer Chaaye as well lol.

We tried a number of things starting of with mint margaritas and they were so refreshing. Later on, we ordered grilled burgers and being a fan of grilled burgers, I couldn’t resist and they didn’t disappoint. But, fries thoray kam thay and I complained about that in the end lol.

One thing to mention here, as it was Saturday and the seating place is not that spacious, it was almost a houseful there and seats were fully occupied. We suggest you to go there in weekdays if you want your order to be delivered quickly and if you want only you and your food to be there.

The steaks were juicy and mouthwatering and you know what they will just cost you 650 rupees, feeling hungry? I know you are. The best thing about this place is that, it’s pocket friendly and the quantity of food is amazing. If you are a foodie, this place is just for you dudes. We know the nerves of Lahori people, they want food to be cheap and in quantity, kyun bhai aisa hi hai na?

In the end, we had their Karak Chaaye (because Chaaye is must), and it was literally karak. So, if you are looking for quality food with great ambiance under one roof, this is the place for you, Lahoriyo. We know you’ll be thanking us later for suggesting such an amazing place. Plus, you can get an exclusive ESR discount if you are a member of ESR group on Facebook.

Here is the address:

We’ll continue to come up with more food based reviews to ease your foodie life 😉

You can also see our post regarding Here What You Can Eat in Lahore Having 700 Rupees in Wallet!. Stay tuned to see more content like this :))


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