‘The Lion King’ Remake is Making Strong numbers!

The Lion King is one of the most awaited movie of this year and fans around the globe remained on their feet since it’s trailer launched earlier this year. The remake of Disney’s most iconic animated feature has shown an enormous trend at the local box office since it’s release back on July 9, 2019.

In it’s opening week, the film collected 8.75 crores and in the second week added 5.70 crores in the total, suffering an approximate 35% fall as compared to first week.

In the third week, the film started off with 30 lacs and on Saturday went on to 60 lacs showing a 100% jump which is a great trend for sure. The film has grossed a total of whopping 15.35 crores and this has made The Lion King the fourth film this year to cross the 15 crore mark at the local box office.

Here is how the film performed in the first three weeks:

Week 1 Earnings: 8.75 crores
Week 2 Earnings: 5.70 crores
Week 3 Earnings: In access of 90 lacs

If you haven’t watched it yet, go and don’t forget to bring pop-corns with you 😉


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