‘Shyraa Roy’ The Next Big Thing In Pakistan Music Industry

Young and talented newcomer Shyraa Roy all set for a duet with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and she is super excited about that. Shyraa Roy believes that she is going to be the next big thing in Pakistan music industry. Shyraa Roy is a Dubai based Pakistani singer and poet: a debutante in Pakistan’s music industry recently released her all-new single “Raat” which is getting applauded by the audience.

An Exclusive Talk:

We got a chance to have an exclusive talk with Shyraa Roy earlier in which she revealed her early struggles she had to face, her childhood difficulties and how she was sexually and mentally abused in her childhood and when the first she decided to pursue a career in show business. She shed more light on her shocking childhood face and told us that she got raped by her own cousin at the age of 12. Her father stopped talking to her after the incident and blamed her for the whole incident. Later on, my father sold me in Heera Mandi to get rid of me but my mom get me back after paying an amount there.

There was a time when we didn’t even have a proper home. We didn’t have money to pay the rent so we were kicked out of our apartment by the landlord. Sometimes we would stay at my Khala’s place and other times; we would stay at some other relative’s place. Since I was a kid, I wanted to become a singer. I wanted to become a writer, wanted to write poetry but in my family art was considered a taboo.


Insight about “Raat”:

Raat is a sexy and exotic number, there’s no story what so ever in the song. It only features me performing in the song and no male model in it. The song covers some exceptional locations and good styling. I rate Raat very high in my journey so far, she said.

raat - Pakistan music industry - Social qissay

You can check out her all-new single Raat right here 


The Next Big Thing In Pakistan Music Industry:

There’s no doubt her journey so far is one heck of a journey, how she shaped her career despite all the childhood and early life struggles. She has worked in many other projects as well like lead-role in Aks, she was in the marketing crew of Ali Zafar’s Teefa In Trouble. But now she considers herself to be a Next Big Thing In Pakistan Music Industry. We asked her about her future plans and projects and this is what she said:

“I am currently working on my international film festival movie “Hello Shabnam” and a Netflix based web-series which covers a very controversial and sensitive subject which can trigger a lot of you LOL. These projects are coming out this year”

shyraa roy


What She’s Excited About The Most?

Being a debutant in the Pakistan music industry, it is considered very honored and privileged if you get a chance to work with big names of the industry. We asked her the same question either is she considering to work with a big name or she wanted to create a space on her own and this is what she answered:

“It is being an honor for every rising artist to get to work with someone who has made his name in the industry and is successful. I am excited to let you know that I am going to get featured in an exclusive duet with one and only Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I am in contact with his team and shooting for this song will start by the end of this year and I am super excited for this”


Her so far story is full of struggles and inspiring for those young and rising artists who want to pursue their careers in Pakistan music or showbiz industries. We’ll keep on coming up with the stories of emerging artists, stay tuned peeps!

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