Shaheen Afridi Video

Another Video Just Leaked After Rabi Pirzada And This time, Its Shaheen Afridi

Shaheen Afridi Video Just Leaked By Famous Ticktok Star Hareem Shah. Apparently an unequivocal video of well known cricket player Shaheen Afridi has been spilled by a Tik Tok star named Hareem Shah. Be that as it may, after further examination, it appears that Hareem Shah’s record could be phony and there may be another person hauling the strings from behind.

Pakistan’s Social Media has not been able to slow down considering the consecutive contentions of two understood Pakistani figures. However, it isn’t new that famous people get uncovered or their private recordings are spilled.

Same as we have Rabi Pirzada Scandal whose personal video had been leaked everywhere throughout the web, discoloring her notoriety and profession. Furthermore, the subsequent video is of Shaheen Afridi where he is seen playing out some faulty demonstrations while making his own video.
TikTok star Hareem Shah, who became internet sensation recently making TikTok in foreign Office and now somebody who professes to be Hareem Shah, has approached to share recordings of cricketer, Shaheen Afridi being improper over video call. Already, Imad Wasim and Imam-ul-Haq too have been hauled in news for being wrong.

Fans are pissed at cricketer Shaheen Afridi and just can’t deal with an excessive amount of data after Rabi Pirzada, in only one day.
A video supposedly of cricketer Shaheen Afridi was released online by an account claiming to be of TikTok Star Hareem Shah.Obviously, the Twitter account that released the video doesn’t have a place with Hareem. People did some exploration and found a video of Hareem and her friends explaining that they don’t have any records on Twitter nor Facebook. In this way, any of the tweets that have been posted by her name don’t have a place with her and she has zero relationship with them.

After Rabi Pirzada, Shaheen Afridi has also become greatest conversation in Pakistan for a while now. However, some have even flowed his cozy video only ‘for entertainment only’.

Here’s how twitterati reacts to this incident of Shaheen Afridi Video & TikTok Star Hareem Shah.

This man is not coming slow. xD

Well, this guy has a point and we as a nation have become failure.

Social media is not a real life people. People are also confused what exactly is the situation. They are posting, commenting and sharing their videos and photos blindly but no one knows who is involved behind all this.

We must investigate these kind of posts before ruining someone’s life. We hope that nothing like that would happen. What do you think about this issue? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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