Rabi Pirzada’s Personal Videos Leaked And Twitterati Can’t Sit Back.

On Thursday, some compromising videos of singer Rabi Pirzada leaked on social media and those videos were shared by thousands of users. Twitterati on Friday condemned the leaking of singer’s personal videos and bashed the people for their double standard behaviors.

The worst was that, people were too quick to criticize Rabi Pirzada and were judgmental about her instead of bashing the person who betrayed her and leaked videos. What a sick society we live in -_-

Here we have gathered what people have to say about this alleged video scandal:

Nighat Dad came up with the law conviction of sharing someone’s personal data without their consent. Facilitating production and distribution of material that breaches someone’s privacy is a punishable offence under Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016.

This fella came up with a conspiracy theory to ponder upon,

And, Hawasis for real,

Whatever the situation is, Pakistanis can’t stop making memes… But the point is valid because when you are logical, you can’t be real (seriously??)

In a recent turn of affairs, Rabi Pirzada tweeted a heartfelt thought and questioned the behavior of society regarding such sensitive matters,

And this…

Moreover, the singer has reached out to FIA and filed a complaint after her private videos went viral on the internet. The deputy director of the agency’s cyber crime unit, Sarfaraz Chaudhry told the publication that. “FIA has written a letter to the PTA in this regard.

He said that, the agency has removed the pictures and videos from several platforms so far and also blocked several accounts.

Many journalists and celebrities also stood up for her and bashed the people who were responsible for spreading the videos, out of them, Meesha Shafi is the one,

I don’t know when as a society we’ll act as helping hands rather than dragging down others for their private acts? When we will stop poking our noses in others matters? Till then, a goodbye from us and we’ll keep you updated on this further 😉

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Have a good read.


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