Rabi Pirzada Left Showbiz Industry Over Leaked Private Pictures Controversy

After her videos and pictures got leaked few days ago, Rabi Pirzada Left Showbiz Industry Over Leaked Private Pictures Controversy. She decided this on Monday according to the sources after the encroachment of her protection and private videos and photographs being circulating on the web, singer Rabi Pirzada had become a focal point of a lot of debate. She had become the top theme of talk over Pakistani social media life and numerous individuals had been reproachful of her, in this manner injured individual accusing the singer.

Few days ago, Rabi Pirzada’s pictures and videos were leaked online and we pakistani’s made her top trending within hours by sharing her videos and pictures on web without any investigation considering someone’s private info and this is where we are best at! Where we guys are going? How brutal we have become. We as a nation have become failure sorry to say.

It has been discovered that the material was shared from iCloud storage. According to
Rabi Pirzada, she had sold an old iPhone which was messed with and old information was recovered.Since the material released on the web, there had been a gigantic discussion via social networks over protection and how individuals should keep their information safe and never to send or share with anyone. Be that as it may, starting today, a fashion has assumed control over the web with another point to the story.

By making her centre of discussion and forgetting the Tezgam incident on same day which took more than 70 lives shows that how ruthless we people have become.

The woman who started trending #IAmRabiPirzada

After this issue, a woman named Fauzia Ilyas has started a trend #IAmRabiPirzada. By using this hashtag, ladies and men, both, have been sharing indecent pictures on the side of Rabi Pirzada. This is what Fauzia Wrote in her post and shared some pictures in full support of Rabi Pirzada.

There’s nothing to be ashamed on your body. I don’t understand why always more & more women get bullied just because of their body.
Rabi Pirzada had done nothing wrong. Its her life. She has right whatever she does. It’s her choice. Shame on those whose cursing her.

Not only ladies showed full support to Rabi Pirzada but also Boys as well.

Here’s how twitterati reacting over this issue including Rabi Pirzada where she decided to leave the showbiz industry.

People are showing full support after saying good bye to showbiz industry.

There was a young lady who as of late approached and apologized to Rabi for released videos, driving everybody to think about whether she was the offender for the breaks

I don’t know when as a society we’ll act as helping hands rather than dragging down others for their private acts? When we will stop poking our noses in others matters? Till then, a goodbye from us and May Allah keep everybody safe and sound!! ?

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Rabi Pirzada’s Personal Videos Leaked And Twitterati Can’t Sit Back.

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