PTI MPA Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan Harassed By Female TikTok Stars And This Looks Cheap!

We have seen many harassment cases coming through the year. Generally people think, harassment comes from men only, but it’s not true at all. We have seen many cases in which men accused women of harassment. Although, little in numbers as compared to the opposite gender but it is a thing.

Recently, couple of female Tiktok stars Hareem Shah and Sundus uploaded some videos in which they were interviewing PTI MPA Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan and people think these two Tiktok stars were actually harassing  Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan.

Hareem Shah uploaded some videos of her interviewing Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan,

By the looks of the video, it can be seen that things took unusual turn when the girls started getting close to him. He immediately left his seat as if he was not comfortable and looked annoyed.

Looks like he is not enjoying Hareem jumped into share the frame with him,

On a TV show, the girls said they went to his office for job-related inquiry. The show host urged that it’s not ethical to film someone without their consent, in reply to that, Sundus clarifies that the first video was filmed with his consent. But, the next one was forced due to which he instantly left the shot, she added.

What we think about this whole controversy is, no one should use such ways to earn fame cheaply. One wrong move and you can literally ruin someone’s career. Especially, when it’s politics where opposite groups always finding ways to put question marks on your personality.

Nonetheless, the entire story seemed awkward and uncomfortable. As a fan, if you are interviewing a renown personality, you must show professionalism at least which wasn’t there at all in this case.

That’s all we have from this encounter, let us know what you think in the comment section.


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