PM Imran Khan Delivered A Historic Speech At UNGA Yesterday And Pakistanis Can’t Stop Applauding Him.

Prime Minister Imran Khan yesterday delivered a historic speech at United Nations General Assembly in New York yesterday and Pakistanis can’t stop applauding him. At the 74th session of UNGA, Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted four core issues faced by Pakistan and the Muslim world.

He started his speech telling the world the drastic impacts of climate change that are effecting the human beings. He urged the richer countries to put on more efforts to counter the impacts of climate changes in the world. In his speech, he mentioned the contributions of Pakistan to counter the effects of climate change and addressed the world that Pakistan has planted more than a billion trees in last six years. Pakistan will plant 10 billion trees in the next five years to reduce the effects of global warming and to have a larger forest cover in the country.

Prime Minister also urged the world leaders and UN to to take considerable measures to counter money laundering as it cause inflation and poverty in the developing countries. Islamophobia and issue of Kashmir was his other two points, he emphasized the western world to discourage the people who blasphemes The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and to take this matter with sensitivity as Muslims love their Prophet (PBUH) more than anyone. And when someone ridicules our Prophet (PBUH), it gives pain to 1.3 billion Muslims in the world.

While talking on Kashmir, he warned the world of worst consequences of the current happenings in Kashmir. He questioned the negligence of the world community on what happening in Kashmir and asked them to stand with humanity than to appease the market of 1.2 billion people. Eighty million people are under curfew from more than fifty days and no one is considering the seriousness of the issue, he added. He warned the world that the world will feel the intensity if the two nuclear armed countries come face to face.

His deliberate stance and composed speech is winning the hearts of Muslims around the globe and specially Pakistanis. His speech was top trending on Twitter and Pakistanis took to their Twitter accounts to applaud their PM.

Here we have collected some random tweets,

Some said it was fearless and fabulous,

Sports personalities and celebrities also applauded Prime Minister,

Faisal Qureshi also joined the discussion,

Hamza Ali Abbasi never stay back when it comes to praise Imran Khan,

And this time his wife also,

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