People In Pakistan Posing At ATM’s To Show Solidarity With Salahuddin.

People got mad when the death news of viral ATM thief Salahuddin in police custody started to circulate on the internet past Sunday.
A murder case was then lodged against three police officials a day after for allegedly torturing Salahuddin Ayubi to death, a robbery suspect who was arrested after his video of breaking an ATM machine, making faces and sticking his tongue out at the CCTV cameras gone viral.

Since then, there are going a lot of debates and discussions on Internet, TV shows and in print media as people across the country are furious on this act of brutality by Punjab police. People are seeking answers from Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar about the police reforms they promised to bring in Punjab police culture during the election campaigns last year.
An inquiry into his death has also been ordered by the District Police Officer with the cause of his death to be announced following a postmortem.
As per the latest updates, a very interesting trend started to circulate on the internet as the people of Pakistan posing at ATM’s and making faces at the CCTV cameras showing solidarity with Salahuddin and demanding justice for him. This trend is gaining attention of many across the country.

Here we handpicked some pictures randomly from internet.

Here’s a girl spotted in an ATM making faces at CCTV camera,

Here’s another guy wants government to take strict actions against such perpetrators to clean the police department from such monsters.

We can see this issue has managed to bring everyone on same page as act like this must not be tolerated.

Some also questioned the silence of Supreme Court on that matter.

We will keep you updated on this as the case proceeds.


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