Mahira’s ‘Superstar’ Making Good Numbers!

Superstar among the movies released this month with stunning Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf in the lead role. Same as Parey Hut Love, the movie got released on August 9, 2019, directed by Ehteshamuddin.

Superstar, as reported in the previous box office report was having a tie with Parey Hut Love in the initial 11 days as the total of this film was also 15 crores.

But in the second weekend it bagged in about 2 crores and now this film is a tad bit behind Parey Hut Love. Superstar at the moment stands at a cumulative total of 17 crores, which on the brighter side is the highest collection ever for a Mahira Khan starrer, beating her previous best Ho Mann Jahaan.

The detailed numbers of the film in first three weeks are as follows:

Eid Holidays ( Mon – Thur): 8.20 crore
Extended Eid Weekend ( Fri – Sun): 5 crore
Weekdays ( Monday – Thursday): 1.8 crore
11 Day Extended Week 1: 15 crore
Second Weekend ( Friday – Sunday): 2 crore

TOTAL: 17 crore

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