Khayaali Production This Time Made ‘Game Of Thrones; Tell Your Stories’ Short Film And Creativity is Subhan Allah!

Khayaali Production and students from Government College University, Lahore who last year came up with a spellbound project of the first ever fan made Harry Potter film named “The Last Follower” recently come up with another short film and this time they name it “Game Of Thrones; Tell Your Stories” inspired by the famous web season “Game Of Thrones”.

Their project “The Last Follower” inspired by The Harry Potter film series stunned every Pakistani last year and they gained a lot of appreciation and spot light as it was the first ever fan made Harry Potter spin-off.

The role of famous character ‘Tyrion Lannister” aka Peter Dinklage in their latest short film ‘Game Of Thrones; Tell Your Stories’ is being played by his Pakistani lookalike “Rozi Khan”, a Pakistani waiter.

They deserve a credit for all the effort they put. You should watch it once and you’ll love it.


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