Karachi Among Five Cities In The World With Highest Cannabis Consumption!

Karachi is regarded as the financial hub of Pakistan. The city of lights is the biggest city of the country and is home to many ethnic groups. But now, gone are the days when Karachi used to be in the spotlight for good reasons. Adding another unwanted feather in it’s cap, Karachi is now among five cities in the world with highest cannabis consumption and Karachi walay are High at the moment.

Just a few weeks back, a report by Global Liveability Index ranked Karachi among the 10 least liveable cities. Kia kar rahay ho yarr karachi kay waalo?

According to the ABCD 2018 Cannabis Price Index, Karachi with 41.95 metric tonnes of cannabis consumption (including Hashish) comes second to New York city which has 77.44 metric tonnes of cannabis consumption and what an achievement Karachi waalo!

Other three in the top five are:

3. New Delhi (38.26 metric tonnes).

4. Los Angeles (36.06 metric tonnes).

5. Cairo (32.59 metric tonnes).

Although, the consumption of cannabis is in itself not a crime but consuming more than a precise amount is illegal and can lead to prison sentences from one year to ten years. Except Toronto, no city among the top ten is cannabis friendly as in Toronto cannabis is legal.

Interestingly, all the cities in the top ten are large cities and having drugs like cannabis defines their urban lifestyle. People living in such cities often seek relaxing drugs like cannabis to cope with their everyday reality.

Cannabis was the most widely possessed drug in Pakistan with around four million people intake cannabis, as per a UN survey in 2013.

Cannabis is however less addictive as compared to drugs like tobacco, alcohol and nicotine but World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that cannabis is a drug capable of unhealthy dependencies.

Most people who smoke regularly say that, cannabis helps them cope with the anxieties of life. Meanwhile, others comment that it helps increase their concentration and focus level.

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