The Famous TikTok Star Hareem Shah Denied Sharing Any Video Of Shaheen Afridi

A little while back, somebody professing to be TikTok influencer Hareem Shah on Twitter released a private video purportedly of cricketer Shaheen Afridi. The news spread quickly and individuals started to hop on various ends viewing the video just as the personality of the publication. Presently Hareem herself has made some noise on the issue.

A video supposedly of cricketer Shaheen Afridi was released online by an account claiming to be of TikTok Star Hareem Shah.

Clearly that brought up a great deal of issues about security concerns and so forth about the video spill. Presently the TikTok star herself affirmed and said that the Hareem Shah Twitter record is worked by another person as a phony

In her announcement, TikTok star Hareem Shah has plainly expressed that she has no Twitter account or any relationship with the tweets that go out under her name.

People are super confused that whether this is some kind of revenge or someone is trying pull a prank against Shaheen Afridi and Hareem Shah. This tweet assembled a great deal of consideration and from the outset individuals imagined that Hareem Shah is simply trolling or pulling a trick. Later on, a similar record posted a video of cricketer Shaheen Afridi in which he was carrying on improperly.

The same above account also threatened the politicians that they are the next target of Hareem Shah.

Here’s how twitterati are reacting over this issue as well as Rabi Pirzada’s videos and photos who were leaked one day ago. Every single one is criticizing and confused about these two issues and still confused who the hell are actually behind these kind of disgusting stuff.

Every body on the internet is confused, left wondering who the fuck is stigmatizing both, Shaheen Afridi and Hareem Shah and also Rabi Pirzada.

After so many tweets regarding this issue, The famous TikTok star made a video in which she is clarifying that she didn’t leak any video of Shaheen Afridi and even those accounts or pictures that people are sharing doesn’t belong to me. She further said that she don’t use any of Twitter or facebook account. Those are all fake. After her video, the account which shared her videos and tweets got deleted.

Social media is not a real life people. People are also confused what exactly is the situation. They are posting, commenting and sharing their videos and photos blindly but no one knows who is involved behind all this. We must investigate these kind of posts before ruining someone’s life. We hope that nothing like that would happen. What do you think about this issue? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.



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