Daraz 11.11 Sale 2019 Starting From Tomorrow And It’s Going To Be Huge

Pakistan’s biggest sale aka Daraz 11.11 Sale 2019 is starting from tomorrow and it is expected to be the world’s biggest sale. Shoppers around Pakistan are on their feet to get full benefit of the most exciting sale of the year.

Daraz claiming that, there would be more than 50 lakh deals available for the customers and millions of products. Here is everything you need to know about Daraz 11.11 Sale to get it’s full advantage. Thank us in the comment section for making your shopping life easy :p

History Of Daraz 11.11 Sale:

In order to boost online shopping sales between China’s Golden Week national holiday in October and the Christmas season, Alibaba saw the opportunity to launch ‘Singles Day’ in 2009 in an attempt to boost online sales.

During this year consumers spent around £5 million and only 27 retailers offered discounts. By 2011 it burst on the e-commerce platform with Singles’ Day of the Century due to 11.11.11. This was the year £500 million was spent during the day. As the years went by, sales have quadrupled and now retailers thrive to offer the most amazing deals at the best prices.

What Is Single’s Day?

Believe it or not, Single’s Day started as an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” celebration, except it was for all the single folks back in China in 1990s. The date November 11 was chosen because it is written as 11.11 or simply one-one-one-one. Also known as “bare sticks holiday” due to the way it looks numerically. These celebrations were kicked off by students of Nanjing University to enjoy their singledom. I never knew that before writing this lol

Discounts Available On Daraz 11.11 Sale 2019:

11.11 Mega Deals:

11.11 Mega Deals allow you to avail a list of top deals and discounts and their segmentation is done according to respected category. So, you can easily avail 11.11 discounts on your favorite categories and products and save yourself ample amount of bucks.

11.11 Flat Brand Promotions:

Whopping discounts up to 70% available on your favorite brands like Nestle, Vivo, Nokia, Realme, Limelight, TCL, L’Oreal and a lot more. Isn’t something amazing guys?

11.11 Flash Sales:

Flash Sales are available on your favorite brands from 6 to 9 pm everyday during 11.11 sale. You can keep a check on which brands are offering discounts on which day by heading over to the Daraz app during Daraz 11.11 Sale.

11.11 Vouchers:

Vouchers will help you avail a specific amount of discount when you shop. You will even get vouchers like Global Collection voucher, New customer voucher, Cart Rule vouchers, Easypaisa vouchers, firework vouchers and a number of different vouchers that you can collect with Shake Shake.

11% Cashback:

In case you ever wondered what is cashback? It is a mechanic that will return a percentage of your money you pay for a product. So, this 11.11, you can avail an 11% cashback by purchasing products that have the cashback sticker and you will get an 11% cashback in your wallet. Sounds Cool?

11.11 Sale Games:

This Gyara Gyara, play and win! Isn’t that a win-win? There are games like One-Rupee game, Shake Shake and Wallet Wings. They’re not only fun but you’ll also get a chance to avail great discounts, voucher and prizes!

More Excitement To Follow:

That’s not just all from Daraz 11.11 Sale, you can earn points in your Daraz cash wallet from Easypaisa app as well to use them during 11.11 Sale 2019.

Daraz will also be displaying QR codes in various mediums such as banners, standees, and flyers in various places. You will be able to see them at various bank branches, and more than 100 restaurants, and even Human Billboards who will be strolling around at public places. They will also be placed on e-newsletters and Daraz Social Media pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Tie your laces tight and get ready to be blown away by the biggest sale festivity in Pakistan from tomorrow. Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

Happy Shopping Peeps 🙂


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