All You Need To Know About Your Snapchat Habits According To Your Zodiac Sign.

Snapchat is one of the most vibrant and in-trend social platform of today’s world with more than 1 billion active users. It would not be false to say that people have already created stereotypes of Snapchat habits and behaviors. From the ones who randomly add you to those who post something everyday in their story and then those who are running streaks from long long ago – it really is a vibrant world out there. And you know what our zodiac signs have a lot to say on the this as well.

Check out what your zodiac sign has to say about your Snapchat behavior.


Aries are loud and super active on Snapchat, they live on memes and bombard you with funny videos through chats. They’re often blamed of editing pictures to extreme levels, their crops and cuts and sizing can almost never be argued against. So their pictures are the sleek and stylish, the real game-changers.


Not accusing anyone out there but our Taurus buddies are known to be little materialistic. They will always send you a picture of their expensive food of some mehanga cafe in streaks, their designer kapray and boots. They’ll always show you an extravagant thing happening around them. Yup, it takes a lot of time dude.


Often regarded as ‘social media geeks’, Geminis can make you wonder what you’re doing with your life. Their constant coverage of their own glorious lives is mostly done in a way that you’ll never really figure out their true emotional state. They’ll share almost everything via their Snapchat stories. I know what you’re thinking, it’s time to go and see if some of those fancy photographers and influencers you follow, who make everything look perfect, are actually Geminis or not?


They are the people with most dramatic emotions ever. They are sentimental, lost in the thoughts and they’d give up on anything to relive their past, for which they love posting throwbacks on their Snap stories. You’ll often see all Throwback Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays etc from these people.


These are literally the profiles that flourish only on selfies. Whether taken in the bathroom, under the bright sunlight or in a dimly lit restaurant, Leos top the selfie game like no one else can! Well we have to credit their confidence, because hasn’t the selfie posting trend started disappearing lately?


So, the Libra brigade love to keep peace and motivate others in their list. So all the inspirational quotes you see pouring in on Snap stories, well now you know who they come from! The Libras


Scorpions are surely the most up to the mark people, they want their account to outshine everyone’s they know. Their emotional streak makes them act on whim sometimes, after which they sometimes end up deleting already posted stuff. Because obviously, kam views qabil-e-qabool nahi! They’re attention seekers AF!


These people have the most serious Snapchat behavior than any zodiac sign. They’re majorly known to always post serious threads, muft ka bhashan on politics etc. They also follow lots of random pages and profiles and are probably always online. And, literally they don’t give a shit koi jo bhi kahay! Savage.


Capricorns, they’re supposedly concerned about appearances, which means they’re extra careful about the stuff they post. Some might end up having interesting profiles due to the whole ehtyaat se kaam lena, but usually their profiles are quite predictable.


Our Aquarius buddies are their own maaliks. They post controversial statements,  write super long threads to prove their point. They do whatever they want to, and no one’s opinion can make them move from their stance. Yes, they’re the leaders, the true visionaries.


We all know how dreamy and poetic Pisces people are. They know exactly how to deliberately express themselves, which often results in thorough, well-thought comments coming from them. Their sarcasm can often be dark, which gets them pretty high up in the meme game as well! Basically, their profiles can either be super emo or super fun.

We hope you can somehow relate your Snapchat behavior to said facts. Enjoy!


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