Feroze Khan

Actor Feroze Khan Officially Announced Rumours About Quitting Showbiz Industry

Feroze Khan responds to rumors of leaving showbiz industry

Feroz Khan is in the meanwhile probably the most celebrated artist. The heartthrob of business Feroze Khan simply left Instagram and left followers in full curiosity. All this occurred when Feroze khan simply deleted his account on Instagram without any announcement or any post on his different social media platforms.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, the actor announced his followers who had been eagerly ready for him to touch upon whether or not he has stop showbiz.

At last, Feroze Khan has spoken up about his profession and rumors that he’s quitting the showbiz industry. The Actor revealed that from now onwards, he will solely entertain financial presents that promote the teachings of Islam.

From all of the hype that was being created, Feroze Khan has confirmed that he is certainly quitting. He mentioned, “I announce that I quit the showbiz industry and will only act and provide my services for the teaching of Islam through this platform if needed else anything but this Inshaa’Allah.

Later his wife Syeda Alizey Feroze Khan wished him good luck for his spiritual journey and wrote, “May this spiritual journey brings more faith in your life and serve the purpose.”

The “Khaani” actor, who has made himself on a spiritual journey, took to Twitter sharing two stories of the TikTokers and said “TikTok is cancer. I repeat, cancer!”

 Many followers of Feroze Khan agreed on his statement & their reaction is as follows:


Many followers are pleasantly stunned concerning the statement Feroze Khan has made about his acting profession

Fans are sending their good luck to the new chapter that the actor is undertaking in his life.

Naturally, Comparisons are being made with Hamza Ali Abbasi who had also left the showbiz industry for the sake of spiritual causes

We wish Feroz Khan good luck for his new path and may he gain success in every phase of this path. 


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