About Social Qissay

Social Qissay is a news-based entertainment website that aims to create stories & publish vibrant content of the modern world and to visualize them with a whole different narrative keeping a punch of sarcasm in it. Our content is supposed to serve our audience which is bold and diversified.
The word “Qissay” in “Social Qissay” refers to the classic stories and tales every one of us used to hear from our parents and grandparents in our early childhood. Here, this word is supposed to keep the essence of those long-lost stories in a very unique approach.

What’s New Then?

Our content aka “Qissays” is something that you can relate your stories with. Every now and then we come across viral stories from every walk of life, be it celebrities, sports, technology, or politics, there’s always something in every story that we can somehow relate to our lives.
Social Qissay is targeting that specific thing to let you narrate and relate your stories with what we have in store for you.

What Else We Do?

Tech News:

With a lot of things happening in the tech industry, it’s impossible for a layman to absorb every new development. Social Qissay allows its users to sit back and relax while getting their daily tech dose all at one platform.

Viral Stories:

Living in a country like Pakistan is itself fun where there’s hardly a day without a story going viral on the internet. But the question is where to find all of them? Scrolling through a lot of websites is surely not an option, that’s why SocialQissay brings you every latest happening and story that is going viral on the internet. So, sit tight and thanks us later for this.


Fun aside, a genuine review of a product or a service really helps before you go for it. In our reviews section, we bring authentic and honest reviews of tech gadgets, eateries, and products & services that might have your interest. What else you could have asked for?

Join in the SQ squad and be a part of our “Content Revolutionizing” movement!