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A Harry Potter Fan Film The Last Follower Made With A Single Camera.

The wait is finally over as Khayaali Production released it’s most anticipated project The Last Follower And The Resurrection Of Voldemort, a Pakistani Harry Potter fan film. The 84 Minutes film is premiered at Government College University, Lahore and broke all the records of crowd engagement and anticipation. More than 5,000 people attended the screening from 5th to 8th March.

The film’s trailer got released back in December 2018 and it got huge appreciation from the fans all over the country. Since the release of the trailer, there was hardly any update regarding the film’s release date and fans were curious regarding The Last Follower’s release date as it’s the first time a Pakistani fan-made version of the Harry Potter was created.


Here is the official trailer of the film:

Harry Potter, The Backdrop:

Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise is a worldwide phenomenon and it is always exciting to see it being recreated in different ways by fans. We have all created stories about how life at Hogwarts would be and what could happen next after the final page of Deathly Hallows. So, there have been a number of Harry Potter created by the fans over the years and now you have one from Pakistan as well.


The Film Premiere:

Fans were on their heels after Khayaali Production announced the release date of the film. The film premiered in Government College University, Lahore from 5th to 8th March and we were luckily present there at the premiere. Fans were hugely excited and they were gathered in big numbers on all the four days which portrays how they’re still obsessed with the Harry Potter series. A total of 12 shows were screened over the course of four days, and it was a jam-packed event. People from all over Pakistan and especially from Lahore came in big numbers to support the content. The event took place at the prestigious Government College University, Lahore.


The Last Follower BTS:

We got a chance to talk with the film director who is a very talented person Waleed Akram and he shared some insight details about the film, how the idea is generated, what problems he and the crew faced while film shooting. So, here is the detail he shared with us:

The film was shot from a single camera only given that the resources were limited but these guys managed them so well. And we were surprised to hear this just like you are now lol

The total film crew is 15, which means that actors have involved in other tasks as well like production and covering other technical aspects of the film.

The film was shot on weekends only from December 2017 to April 2018 given that the film was made in a university so handling the crowd on weekdays there was not an easy task. AGin, Kudos to the team who came up with such a project in such a short time. Anyhow, the visual effects of the film took almost a year to complete.

Editing, sound effects, grading enhancement, dubbing… in short every single thing was done inhouse which portrays how creative the team is behind the film.

The Plot:

The Indo-Saracenic building of Government College University is being used as Hogwarts and it was brilliant to watch as we all know (especially Lahoris) that the building from outside looks like a magical school.

The film is named The Last Follower and the Resurrection of Voldemort because it tells the story of Asmodeus, the last follower of Voldemort, who wants to resurrect his Dark Lord who died long ago in the last duel with Harry Potter. But he is stopped by the wizards and witches of Hogwarts. The team of Khayaali Production made sure that the 84-minute film does not feature Harry Potter anywhere. The extraordinary visual effects are done by Zeeshan Hameed who is a visual effects artist whereas the Rotoscoping artist was Huraira who also executed a variety of sequences of the film. Sound quality and dubbing were not at their very best as per expectations but one could see the effort these guys have put.

Cast Credits:

The cast of the film includes Umer Darr, Jazib Akram Talha Chahour Mariam Hassan Naqvi Dua Marium Arooba Usmani, Sheikh Mubashir, Habib CH, Amna Azmat, Maryam Mehmood, Tayyab Arif, Jalal Uddin, Hamza Saleem, Ejaz Zafar.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor/ Sfx/Audio/Colour Grade: Waleed Akram
Written By: Waleed Akram & Umer Darr
VFX Head: Zeeshan Hameed
Production Head: Ibrahim Hassan
Production Head 2: Sheikh Mubashir
Production Assistant 1: Hammad Javed
Production Assistant 2: Hammad Malik
Associate Director: Ibrahim Hassan
Assistant Director: Sheikh Mubashir
Production Photographer: Aiza Butt
Props & Costume Head: Wajeeha Abid
Produced By: Umer Darr & Waleed Akram
Rotoscoping Artist: Huraira


About Khayaali Production:

Khayaali Production is a group of current and old students of Government College University, Lahore. What they say about themselves is, they are a vibrant and diverse group of young professionals dedicated to visual storytelling. The Last Follower is directed and produced by Waleed Akram.

We talked to the team of Khayaali Production regarding the release of the film on digital platforms and they said they are not thinking of releasing the film however, they are in touch with few cinemas in Lahore to get the film screened. We’ll keep you updated about that folks.

So, this was all that we had, if you want to share more about the film, comment below.

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