6 Ways To Swindle Over Your Internet Provider!

6 Ways To Swindle Over Your Internet Provider! In the age we are living, no one can deny the importance of having an Internet/WiFi connection. Like, after Water, Earth, Fire and Wind the 5th most essential factor to survive these days is internet. Just like everything you pay for, you pay for your internet connection as well and you expect your internet provider to standout because slow internet means slow meme game jo kay har giz qabool nahi lol

Here I’m sharing my personal experience that internet providers are real shits no matter how reputable their companies are. They have captive audiences whom they squeeze for every last penny while they fight against regulation like net neutrality and donate immense amounts of money to keep on lawmakers good sides. See, how shitty is this?

Well, what about turning the tables? Here are 6 tested ways to screw over your internet provider.

1. Instead of renting, buy your own modem or router:

The idea of renting an internet device to users despite of selling it or providing it as part of the service is one of the telecommunications industry’s oldest and shittiest. People pay hundreds or even thousands of rupees over years for equipment worth 5000 to 7000 rupees. A modem or a router is the gadget that connects to the cable coming out of your wall/window and then connects in turn your wireless and wired router. Internet providers then charge you on monthly basis forever. What they don’t tell you is that, you can probably buy the same gadget for somewhere between 4000 to 5000 rupees.

So, try to buy your own modem or router instead of getting looted in the name of renting from your internet provider. You can easily find one from a market or even you can buy it online probably on OLX if you want a used one.

2. Ignore service calls, if you can’t, make sure they’re free:

I was having an issue with my internet lately (like always lol) and it wasn’t an issue from my end, which was why I was surprised to find they’d charged me 2000 rupees or so every time the person came. And, this is Holy Shit, not acceptable.

So, it’s a pro tip guys, if your ISP want to send someone to fix an issue, make sure they’re doing it for free or otherwise tell them that you’ll fix it on your own.

3. Complain, shout, repeat:

I have tried this many of times with my previous ISP and believe me it really works. Don’t just sit back when you are facing outages and bad internet quality. Dude, you are paying for it. We pay them and they give us severe headaches by not providing the services they commit on the time of installing it, Aisay kesay chor dain bhai?

So, tip no.3 is, complain and complain it loud that they can’t ignore it.

4. Choose your service level wisely:

ISPs offer a number of packages and make it hell confusing on ‘purpose’ so you end up picking an expensive one just to be sure you have what you need. The truth is most people can probably do pretty much everything they need on the lowest tier they offer.

A 1080p Netflix stream will run smoothly on a 20 Mbps connection, which is what I have. I also work entirely online (writing up this blog is an example lol), stream high-def videos at a multiple sites all day, download movies and do lots of other stuff, sometimes all at the same time. And I pay around 3200 to 3500 rupees monthly. I only found out the package of my choice when I literally asked what the cheapest possible option was. So, don’t let them confuse you again, choose your plan wisely.

5. Watch your bill like a hawk:

Telecoms just love putting things on your bill with no warning like it’s their gandi adat. It’s amazing how much a bill can swell from the quoted amount once they’ve added all the little fees, taxes and service charges. What are they anyway? Why not call and ask? You might find out, as I did, that your ISP had ‘mistakenly’ been charging you for something like equipment that you never had nor asked for. Amazing how these lucrative little fees tend to fall through the cracks!

Always watch your bill and look for those ‘mistakenly’ added charges peeps.

6. Share your passwords:

I know this will sound a bit odd when it comes to sharing passwords because privacy ka sawal hai dude…. but believe me this works a lot. For instance, your friend’s internet provider offers him streaming services A, B and C while yours gives you X, Y and Z.

Again, this is not about creators struggling to get their content online but rather all about big media and internet corporations striking deals that make them money and harm users. So, sharing your passwords may save you a drive.

Internet providers only do what is in their interest because they are having a plain field and even then they often step outside the bounds of what’s acceptable, which is why rules like net neutrality are needed. But first you have to speak out!

Thank us for this in the comment section 😉


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